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Founded in 2019, subsidiary of Starhigh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd who have been established in Myanmar and Singapore since 2006. Moken Capital is an Investment Venture Company helping local communities and investors engage in the tourism sector within Southern Myanmar. Moken Capital has three main core business functioning, which are:

"Moken Travel" local expert tour operator and destination management company specialized in truly tailored travel experiences in Myanmar for individuals and groups.


To find out more about Moken Travel, please visit     


"Moken Cruises" operate in the Mergui Archipelago, offering quality service to our guests onboard our custom-made leisure cruise ship - Moken Treasure.


To find out more about Moken Cruises, please visit 


"Moken Resorts" an exclusive beach resort and beach club with local inspired unique design, eco-luxury and sustainable resort in Mergui Archipelago.


To find out more about Moken Resorts, please visit

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